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Magnum Nutraceuticals Mimic Natural GDA a new supplement that increases insulin sensitivity. The preparation perfectly regulates sugar levels, prevents hyperglycemia. The most effective ingredients affect appetite suppression and contribute to the loss of unnecessary kilograms. The supplement can be used as a pre-workout booster, improves the appearance of the figure, promotes the feeling of a muscle pump and visibly affects vascularization. Use promotes better utilization of carbohydrates and absorption of amino acids and creatine into the muscles.

Magnum Mimic Natural GDA:

  • Lowers blood sugar,
  • Promotes insulin sensitivity,
  • Improves nutrient transport,
  • Increases anabolism,
  • Prevents fat accumulation.

How does the insulin imitator Magnum Mimic Natural GDA work?

Mimic reduces recovery time and affects the accelerated recovery of glycogen stores, ensuring a full muscle appearance. Increased muscle carbohydrate uptake ensures high-level training. During exercise, the supplement provides more energy for intense workouts. Mimic supplement exhibits insulin mimetic properties, increasing insulin sensitivity, it is recommended for people with insulin resistance, at risk of diabetes, experiencing large fluctuations in blood sugar throughout the day. Too much insulin causes carbohydrates to be stored as unwanted adipose tissue instead of being a source of energy.

Magnum Mimic Natural GDA ingredients:

Jiaogulan – gynostemma, a plant known as longevity herb. Gynostemma pentaphyllum contains group B vitamins, vitamins A, C, D, E and minerals. A plant rich in Gypenosides with anti-diabetic properties, supporting the treatment and prevention of diabetes. Gynostemmy extract lowers cholesterol and triglycerides. Gynostemma pentaphyllum effectively reduces blood pressure, regulates cholesterol and triglycerides. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the skin and has a detoxifying effect.

Berberine – due to its properties it is recommended for people struggling with diabetes or having poor insulin sensitivity. It is a stimulant for fatty acid metabolism, thus contributing to weight loss and a harmful LDL cholesterol fraction. Thus, it has very interesting properties conducive to maintaining a very good condition of the circulatory system.

R + Alpha Lipoic Acid – a stable form of alpha lipoic acid that increases both insulin action and blood flow to improve nutrient delivery. Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a fatty acid that exists in the mitochondrion of every cell in your body and is strongly involved in energy production. Na-R-ALA is a form of ALA salt that significantly improves the bioavailability and absorption of fatty acids. Na-R-ALA is a powerful antioxidant that increases the variety of antioxidant enzymes in the body that reduce oxidative stress. More importantly, Na-R-ALA also reduces blood sugar levels and improves glycogen storage due to GLUT-4, which is an important glucose transporter in the body.

Cinnamomum Cassia – cinnamon is a tasty addition to sprinkling porridge, mixing with coffee or as part of cake or dessert recipes. It is also a great addition to any blood sugar regulating supplement. The effects of cinnamon have been widely documented in various studies to lower blood glucose, reduce body fat, and increase lean muscle mass.

Chromium 454 – the patented formula of chromium improves insulin efficiency by reducing insulin resistance, increases glucose uptake in the absence of insulin, lowers glycosylated hemoglobin, reduces hyperglycemia both on an empty stomach and after a meal.

Mimic Natural GDA dosage:

1-2 capsules a day.

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