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Matrix Labs Post CT 60 caps PCT supplement to unlock your hormones.

Matrix Labs Post CT 60 caps is a comprehensive PCT supplement that you can successfully use during a rebound. The product combines natural ingredients such as Tribulus Terrestris, DIM, Bioperine, Purified Shilajit Powder whose synergistic action perfectly controls estrogen levels in the body and stimulates free testosterone. These are only proven substances that enjoy high effectiveness in many studies. In addition, Matrix Labs Post CT combines Arimistane, DHEA, and 11-OXO, which have a very strong effect on hormonal balance.

Effect of Matrix Labs Post CT:

  • Lowers estrogen levels,
  • Contains Arimistane and 11-OXO,
  • Supports libido,
  • Accelerates recovery,
  • Improves mood,
  • Builds muscle strength,
  • Reduces cortisol,
  • Supports bone density.
  • Natural Post Cycle Therapy,
  • Potent Anti-Catabolic,
  • Great for PCT,
  • Great for stand-alone Test Booster.

Who is Matrix Labs Post CT recommended for?

Matrix Labs Post CT is recommended for anyone who wants to increase testosterone levels while reducing the activity of other hormones that have a less favorable effect on your physique. Matrix Labs Post CT effectively inhibits estradiol and cortisol activity. It promotes testosterone growth as well as having an androgenic effect. A special blend of other supplements, stimulates testosterone production as well as takes care of your well-being.

The product is ideal after a cycle with SAA or prohormones. It restores the proper functioning of the HTPA axis, which is naturally responsible in our body for maintaining proper hormonal function. Moreover, Matrix Labs Post CT will allow you to stimulate the internal production of testosterone, inhibit catabolic effects, maintain the developed musculature,


1 serving, 2 capsules:
Myo-Inositol – 300 mg – also known as vitamin B8, has a comprehensive effect on the human body. Its main function in Matrix Labs Post CT is the effect of inositol on fertility. In addition, it has been shown to support the nervous system, improve mood, and has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity.

11-Oxoandrostenedione – 300 mg – also known as 11-Andro (Androst-4-ene-3,11,17 trione) or Adrenosterone is a substance with strong inhibitory activity of cortisol – a stress hormone with strong catabolic effects. It has a protective effect on muscle proteins, thus allowing greater protein synthesis activity. It effectively promotes the growth of pure muscle mass. It is very good for people who are exposed to stressful activities.

Tribulus Terrestris (40% saponins) – 200 mg – steroidal saponins have been known for years in the supplementation market as natural plant substances that support testosterone. Tribulus also works well as a libido booster, increasing our sexual activity and desire for sex. It also supports physical fitness by exhibiting adaptogenic properties.

Purified Shilajit Powder – 100 mg – is a substance which has a powerful effect not only on testosterone production but also on neuroprotection, protecting the nervous system against free radicals and inflammation. Shilajit works well as a testosterone booster. The substance also has a strong adaptogenic effect. It perfectly supports mood, strengthens the body and improves physical condition.

Punica Granatum (99% Urolthin B) – 100 mg – an extract from pomegranate proper which has not only a strengthening effect on the nervous system but also an anabolic effect on muscle tissue. Thanks to the high content of Urolthin B, which has an activating effect on AMPK kinase, the ingredient is perfect for maintaining muscle mass, its protection against catabolism, but also for stimulating protein synthesis.

Arimistane (Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione) – 75 mg – is a powerful aromatase inhibitor, which blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. This action not only lowers estrogen levels in the body, but contributes to a significant increase in testosterone levels. It is an inhibitor on the one hand and a powerful testosterone booster on the other.

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) – 50 mg – is counted among steroid hormones, which exhibits a number of functional properties. It supports mood, improves libido, enhances erection quality, and improves insulin sensitivity. Its anabolic effects are responsible for maintaining lean body mass and contributing to an increase in bone density.

DIM (Diidolylmethane) – 25 mg – in scientific studies DIM has been shown to reduce estrogen levels and to support treatment of prostatic hypertrophy. In sports supplementation, it is used for its aromatase inhibitory effect, which allows more testosterone to circulate in the body.

Bioperine – 10 mg – is a patented active compound found in black pepper, with strong biological properties. Its action perfectly supports the absorption of other active substances. Bioperine supports the absorption of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, amino acids, as well as many other active compounds that are placed together in the supplement.

1 PORTION = 2 Capsules. The package contains 30 servings


1 serving, 2 capsules daily.


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