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Matrix Labs HGH potent SARM MK677 with growth hormone booster action.

Matrix Labs HGH delivers a high dose of MK-677 known as ibutamoren. It is a substance that acts as a growth hormone and IGF1 booster, which is completely safe. By using MK-677 you will experience a very good regeneration, your body will respond much better to physical exertion. MK-677 acts as a ghrelin mimetic, increases its amount in the body, which translates directly into stimulating the secretion of growth hormone. This action makes us feel more hungry, which is a very good solution during the period of building muscle mass. By using MK-677, we can easily overeat all calories.

Matrix Labs HGH is, however, a much wider action than the mere improvement of appetite. Of course, a significant amount of calories is important if you want to build a lot of muscle mass, but the unique anabolic effect of the product must be emphasized here. Due to the fact that we are able to increase the amount of ghrelin, our body also begins to produce greater amounts of growth hormone. We experience all the benefits of producing more HGH here. Faster regeneration, increased muscle protein synthesis rate, we are able to assimilate larger amounts of protein for the purpose of building muscle mass, muscle tissue builds up faster, we also achieve hypertrophy faster, and the quality of the skin improves. In addition, growth hormone is responsible for the amount of insulin-like growth factor (IGF1), which in turn affects the growth of all tissues. IGF1 has enormous anabolic potential, is able to quickly increase muscle mass, accelerate tissue reconstruction, and increase bone density.

Matrix Labs HGH is:

  • Increased growth hormone,
  • Increased IGF1 level,
  • Significantly increased anabolism,
  • Better appetite,
  • Increase stamina,
  • Increase in bone density,
  • Better use of nutrients,
  • Less fatigue during exercise.

Who is Matrix Labs HGH recommended to?

The supplement is recommended for people who want to quickly increase the amount of muscle mass. In addition, they will also benefit from supplementation by people who care about all the properties that increase the level of growth hormone in the body gives. Faster regeneration. Improving the quality of the skin due to the increased production of collagen. Joint protection. Inflammation reduction. These are just a few of the properties of HGH. Bodybuilders are eager to use MK-677 when building muscle mass, especially when they reach significant amounts of carbohydrates in the diet. The supplement easily allows you to eat larger portions, but also allows you to use energy more efficiently by increasing insulin sensitivity of tissues or lowering glucose levels after a meal. With MK-677, we do not feel typical sleepiness after a meal, we have more energy during the day and during training.

What to combine Matrix Labs HGH with?

If we want maximum anabolic support, greater gains in muscle mass, it is worth combining it with R-150Ostaryną or LGD-3303. In the case of reducing body fat, it will perfectly complement GW-ultra and SR-9009


1 capsule of 15 mg:
MK-677 – 15 mg – ibutamoren is one of the most popular active substances belonging to the so-called ghrelin mimicry. Although MK-677 is in the SARM group, it is only placed there for marketing reasons, and its target point is ghrelin receptors, not androgen receptors, as in the case of classic SARMs. MK-677 also works by stimulating the GH-RH (somatoliberin) hormone which is responsible for the secretion of growth hormone. Moreover, the signal between GH-RH and the frontal lobe of the brain, which is responsible for the amount of growth hormone in the body, is also amplified. MK-677 allows you to obtain perfect gains in muscle mass, it also works well during periods of building strength.


2 capsules a day in the morning or evening. Due to the 36-hour half-life of the active ingredient, there is no need to divide the dose into 2 servings during the day. It is enough to take 2 capsules once a day.

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